So We’ve done it. Ski tuning at long last.

Being one of the smallest shops in the great city of Ottawa can mean only one thing. We want to make it that much smaller.

This winter we’ve decided to carve a line down the middle of the floor and dedicate half of our limited space to traditional hand tunes. We’ve gotten our grubby hands on the industry’s best in files, waxes and fleeces with the sole intention of providing one of the best delivered ski experiences around.

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Alpine & Boards

Light Tune Up–40$

Sharpen the edge and wax the base with an accurate base bevel.

Regular Tune Up–60$

Encompassing everything in the light and we use an fx strip to smooth out any inperfections from trecherous skiing conditions.

Race Prep–125$

A meticulous transformation of a ski. Shaping the top sheet and pulling of side-wall to achieve tip to tail to accuracy and edge. Complimented with proper wax pairing to suit conditions.


Regular Tune Up–30$

we sort out were your kick zone and do a multi-layered wax. Adding a performance resiliance to your cross-country ski base

Full Tune Up–40$

we will clean off all the crap-like old klister and grip wax. Then we re-do the ski fresh with new appropriate temperature wax.

Competitive Edge–100$

Trilayered waxing process. Basically hours of work. Its an application of hot and cool waxes in layers trying to improve speed and durability and performance.