We clean the frame looking for any structural issues, adjust the hubs, brakes and gears. Every cable and pivot point gets a dose of lubrication before being taken out for a test ride.


So your bike needs just a little bit more love and attention than you expected, but you’re on a budget. That’s fine. So including everything you’ll find in the light tune-up we also do minor wheel truing and partial drive train cleaning. It means a smoother, lubed-up ride without the worry.


We take the greasy bits off, and give them a thorough wash in our environmentally friendly parts bath. After a pleasant sojourn in the cycle-sauna, the parts are placed ever so tenderly back onto your newly cleaned frame. We also replace any necessary cables and brake pads, before taking the bike out for a test ride.



Apart from what was mentioned in the ‘Full Tune-Up’, we also replace the bearings and grease the hubs. It’s like a full seven year revival.

Bikes for Sale

We are very pleased to offer the complete line of Brodie bicycles. Please link to their site and peruse these quality products. If the parts and accessories you want are available in Canada, we either stock them or can get them for you expediently.

This is our forte, if we can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed.

We offer tune-ups, overhauls and any form of specific bike repair you might need.

Free repair estimates are available, as is free air.

Call for rates. (613) 563-2200