About Us

McCranks Cycles was founded in 1992 by a group of friends who were obsessed with bicycles. With a shared determination and vision, we set out to introduce high performance, stylish and affordable bicycles to the planet.

Fast forward twenty three years and we’re still doing what we love — putting our passion for design, simplicity and community into every bicycle we create and working day and night at our headquarters to make you fall in love with your daily commute.

If your sturdy steed has been feeling not so sturdy as of late, it would be recommended that you hop on by McCrank’s Cycles for some TLC.


We do a basic safety check of your brakes and gears, and lubricate any bits that need it.


We take the greasy bits off, and give them a thorough wash in our environmentally friendly parts bath. After a pleasant sojourn in the cycle-sauna, the parts are placed ever so tenderly back onto your newly cleaned frame. We also replace your cables and brake pads, before taking the bike out for a test ride.


Apart from what was mentioned in the ‘Full Tune-Up’, we also replace the bearings and grease the hubs.


Our Team

Meet our creative, hard-working people. Had it not been for them we wouldn’t be here today.

Angus McCrankFounder of McCranks Cycles

Angus was a renowned Irish poet, inspiration to the likes of Joyce (Brothers) and Shaw (Robert). During the great Jamiesons famine at the turn of the century he emigrated to Canada. Not speaking the language, he fell back on his first love, drinking. Finding the financial rewards in his new occupation limited he opened McCranks Cycles to supplement his income.

Gary (Angus Jr.) McCrankGreat-Great Grandson

Taken under his grandfathers wing at an early age, Gary soon learned the fine arts of drinking and spinning a yarn. Later he studied under Grandpa and became a bicycle mechanic par excellence. Too soon the family wanderlust felled Gary and off he went to travel the world, returning to Ottawa sporadically to get his mother to do his laundry and regale us all with stories from distant lands.

Dan and TomLovable Friends of McCrank’s

Fraternal twins, yet separated at birth, Dan and Tom continue to be lovable friends of the shop.

Peter ConwayMcCrank’s Current Owner

Peter, a distant cousin, reacquainted with Gary one evening, where else, in a Pub. During this chance meeting, Gary explained his desire to travel. In the months that followed Peter learned all the skills of bicycle repair from the master himself and Gary left the store in his (now capable) hands. This a brief, apocryphal history of McCranks.