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It is with great pleasure we welcome you to our new site

McCranks, located in the Glebe, is a service oriented bike and ski shop that just happens to sell the highest quality bikes and a full complement of parts and accessories.

We hope you enjoy your wander through our site, should any questions crop up, or you would just like to comment on our site or store our e-mail address is McCranks[at]gmail.com



We do a basic safety check of your brakes and gears, and lubricate any bits that need it.


So your bike needs just a little bit more love and attention than you expected, but you’re on a budget. That’s fine. So including everything you’ll find in the light tune-up we also do minor wheel truing and partial drive train cleaning. It means a smoother, lubed-up ride without the worry.


We take the greasy bits off, and give them a thorough wash in our environmentally friendly parts bath. After a pleasant sojourn in the cycle-sauna, parts are placed ever so tenderly back onto your newly cleaned frame. We also replace your cables and brake pads, before taking the bike out on a test ride.


Apart from what was mentioned in the ‘Full Tune-Up’, we also replace the bearings and grease the hubs.


Our bread and butter. Our grease and gears. Our butter to your proverbial steel noodle. No matter how you want to cut it, we’ve been overhauling, building and repairing bikes in the Ottawa area since 1993. If there’s a bike out there that needs repairing, we want to work on it.

Here at McCranks we really do believe that if any job is worth doing, it’s worth doing twice.

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